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How to Draw Toothless Dragon | Art Classes

Learn How To Draw Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon in my Art Classes! Join me in my FREE online art classes every week, featuring step by step drawing of cute & easy drawings. I upload new drawing tutorials & drawing videos every week so sign up for your free membership to join the tribe today! Get ready to relax and have fun as we learn how to draw cute drawings using one stroke painting and watercolor painting techniques!

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Step by Step Drawing

In the meantime, you can learn how to draw this cute drawing of Toothless using paper, pencils or markers for a start!

Step 1

Load your medium flat brush with grey paint. 

Then dip a corner of your brush into black paint.

We are going to use the one stroke painting technique to help us create fun and easy gradients that even beginners can master.

As the brush is wider than a pencil, your hand will be more stable. You can also go over the paint as many times to adjust the shape of your drawing.

Step 2

For the ears of Toothless, let’s create 2 curved petal shapes at the top of his head. Also place 2 more tiny petals on both sides of his cheeks.

Step 3

Draw in 2 tiny horns between his ears using the grey edge of your brush.

Step 4

For his arms, make 2 vertical strokes down with black edge facing left.

Step 5

For his back, flip your brush so the black edge faces the opposite side. Then paint a downward stroke with a gentle bump before curving your brush under the body for his tail.

Step 6

Switch to a small flat brush.

Load this brush the same way as we did with the grey followed by black on the corner.

Let’s paint in more definition for his right arm.

Step 7

For his legs, let’s paint in a circular shape on each side of his body.

Step 8

For his right wing, use the same brush to draw in the upper spine of the wing. Then make 2 downward strokes to complete the flaps. Repeat the same thing on the other side.

Step 9

Use a liner brush to draw in some purple shadows.

I know shadows are always challenging for beginners so just do your best ok? Try to imagine a light source shining on the right side of Toothless.

This way our purple shadows should be drawn along his left side.

Step 10

Load pink paint on this liner brush to add in some highlights.

Place the pink on the remaining parts where you didn’t paint the purple shadow on.

Step 11

If you are ready to outline your design, load your liner brush with black paint.

Let’s draw in his eyes first.

For the rest of his outline, work our way from the top to the bottom.

Step 12

Let’s load our liner brush with lime green paint to give Toothless his green eyes. 

You will probably need 2 to 3 coats to prevent any black paint from peeping through the greens.

Step 13

Let’s switch to our medium round brush with white paint.

Dot in the highlights of his eyes as well as those tiny spikes on his forehead.

Step 14

To give Toothless a bit more definition, switch back to our liner brush and pick up white paint.

Let’s draw an extra outline in white. If you are painting this on white paper, you can use lime green to create an outer glow that matches his eye color.

Step 15

Let’s add our finishing touches by dotting in the claws for Toothless.

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Happy drawing everyone!

Access by-invitation-only free art classes & 40% off your 1st purchase of art supplies!

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