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How to Draw a Dog (Corgi) | Art Classes

Learn How To Draw a Dog (Corgi) in my Art Classes! Join me in my FREE online art classes every week, featuring step by step drawing of cute & easy drawings. I upload new drawing tutorials & drawing videos every week so sign up for your free membership to join the tribe today! Get ready to relax and have fun as we learn how to draw cute drawings using one stroke painting and watercolor painting techniques!

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Step by Step Drawing

In the meantime, you can learn how to draw this cute drawing of a dog (Corgi) using paper, pencils or markers for a start!

Step 1

Load your small flat brush with yellow and orange paint.

Using the one stroke painting technique, place orange on the outer edge, starting with his forehead. Then continue to paint in his ears and cheeks.

This magical technique makes it so easy even for beginners to create impressive gradients in a single stroke.

Step 2

Let’s paint in 2 little triangles for his arms. Then go on to paint in his body and tail, leaving this section in middle open for a cute fluffy white collar later on.

Step 3

Let’s erase any excess paint using a clean and damp round brush. This helps the next layer of white paint stay pure and white.

Step 4

Load your small round brush with white paint.

Then fill in the face, collar and feet of your corgi dog.

Step 5

Load this same brush with pink paint.

Let’s color in his ears and dot in a cute pawprint on his right paw.

Step 6

Switch to your liner brush and pick up black paint.

Let’s start outlining from the top of his head.

Step 7

Once your white paint is dry enough for the next layer, let’s use our liner brush to paint his tongue and cheeks with pink paint.

Step 8

Once you’re done, continue your black outline for the rest of his body.

Paint another pink paw print on his foot.

Step 9

Let’s use our liner brush to dot in white paint.

Fill in the highlights of his eyes and eyebrows.

Step 10

If you are happy with your design, you can stop here.

But I’m in a party mood this week, so let’s have some extra fun our furry friend!

Go on to load your small flat brush with white and teal.

Then paint in some diagonal stripes to add a little party hat on his head.

Step 11

Use your small round brush to paint in some yellow streamers on the top.

Step 12

What’s a party without balloons?

Let’s switch to our medium flat brush and pick up pink and lime green paint.

Paint a balloon by twisting your brush in a circular motion like this.

And with the same color we used for his party hat

let’s paint in a small triangle for the knot.

Step 13

It’s time to outline our party accessories with our liner brush and black paint.

Draw a white line and two dots to mimic the reflection on the balloon.

Step 14

To make our design to pop, let’s give our corgi dog another outline in white.

If you are painting on paper, you can try a different color like yellow or lime green too! Just play around and have fun!

Step 15

To top it all off, let’s add some little stars and dots for that extra sparkle.

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Happy drawing everyone!

Access by-invitation-only free art classes & 40% off your 1st purchase of art supplies!

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