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How to Draw A Bunny | Art Classes

Learn How To Draw a Bunny in my Art Classes! Join me in my FREE online art classes every week, featuring step by step drawing of cute & easy drawings. I upload new drawing tutorials & drawing videos every week so sign up for your free membership to join the tribe today! Get ready to relax and have fun as we learn how to draw cute drawings using one stroke painting and watercolor painting techniques!

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Step by Step Drawing

In the meantime, you can learn how to draw this cute drawing of a Bunny using paper, pencils or markers for a start!

Step 1

You’ll need a A6 sized 200g paper and your large flat brush loaded with yellow and orange paint.

With the orange color facing the outer edge of your bunny’s head, draw a slightly flattened circle and make a small bump on the lower part for his chubby cheeks.

Step 2

Once you are done with his head, go on to make in 2 long loops for those droopy holland lop ears.

Then let’s draw little petal shapes for his fluffy neck and front paws.

Flip your brush with orange facing right and draw a curve for his back. Make one more loop for his hind leg.

Then end off by using the yellow edge of your brush to dab some yellow for his round tail.

Step 3

To give our bunny more depth and contrast, let’s use a small flat brush to pick up brown and beige color.

Go around the entire bunny with brown on the outer edge, leaving only his tail out so that it looks almost like a soft and puffy cloud.

Pick up some beige paint with your small flat brush.

Draw little semicircles to make his tail look fluffy.

Step 4

Let’s load our small flat brush with white and teal.

Go on to draw in a little bow tie just below his chin to turn him a daddy bunny.

Step 5

Once you are done, load this same brush with dark blue and teal.

Then draw a little hat on his head.

This week is extra special because it’s father’s day this weekend!

Step 6

Let’s give him a vintage bow tie. Go ahead to load the same brush with white paint and dab on some stripes.

I’m also adding some red stripes on his bowtie and hat to complete his vintage look.

Step 7

Let’s add some pink to the underside of both ears and cheeks.

Step 8

Let’s switch to our liner brush. Let’s use dark brown to outline our bunny.

If you are a right hander like me, start from the top left of your bunny so that you don’t smudge the paint before it dries. For lefties, start from the top right instead.

Step 9

Once you are done with his outline, go on to load your liner brush with black paint.

We are now going to draw his eyes, eyebrows, nose and whiskers.

Step 10

Load your liner brush with dark blue and outline your vintage accessories.

Step 11

Let’s load up white paint on our liner brush for the highlights of his eyes.

Then add your finishing touches to intensify some of stripes on his bow tie.

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Happy drawing everyone!

Access by-invitation-only free art classes & 40% off your 1st purchase of art supplies!

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