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Free Coloring Pages

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Free Coloring Pages

Watch how your coloring pages are made & request for your favourite design next week!

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I created Kawaii Art Tribe with the aim of reimagining coloring pages with 21st century interactivity. Not only can you watch how your coloring pages are made, you can also request for your favourite design as next week’s free coloring page! Simply comment & subscribe below my latest video on Youtube. How cool is that?

And here is a fun tip if your child a little older. Consider going green by letting your child complete the digital coloring page in an iPad or desktop art application. You can save his/her digital coloring page masterpiece as your mobile phone wallpaper if you like!

I hope that my coloring pages will help your children develop their imagination in a fun and interactive way. Feel free to ask me for a coloring page in my latest Youtube How to Draw tutorial below. Who knows, my drawing tutorials might also become a stepping stone for their artistic journey too.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download your favourite coloring pages below.

You are welcome to sign up now if you want all my new coloring pages and other goodies delivered straight into your inbox every week!

I make all my coloring pages kawaii, which means “cute” in Japanese. I hope these kawaii characters bring you some sunshine as we adjust to to this new normal.

All the coloring pages on Kawaii Art Tribe are available for free as my little contribution to society. I believe that early exposure to any form of art develops the mind and body in ways that trickles beyond the artistic realm. Coloring pages is the first and most accessible form of art that even toddlers and kids can enjoy.

Coloring pages are great for boosting your imagination. Let your child pick out their favorite design from my growing collection of cute coloring pages, and watch the magic happen! A simple coloring sheet empowers your kids to call the shots on the different color combinations and encourages them to create a colorful world of their own.

And the fun part? I will show you the process of how I make my coloring pages come to life! Understanding of how things are made is the catalyst for an inventive mind. I hope with my coloring pages, your child will be inspired to think out of the box. I don’t design my coloring pages using software. The process in which I develop my coloring pages is completely unconventional. They say creativity runs skin deep. Literally skin deep. I drew these on my arm. So if you are wondering how I made all these coloring pages using my skin, you can check out my art videos on Youtube.

All of the inventions we have now started from a spark of imagination, even if they seemed bizarre. The person who invented the television was mocked because of his ideas. Your child might even be the next Leonardo da Vinci if you just let him/her imagine. And it all starts with a simple coloring page here on Kawaii Art Tribe.

Coloring pages are not just enjoyable for your kids, they make awesome sensory play. A coloring page helps refine your child’s fine motor skills that lay the foundation for writing. When it comes to nurturing your children’s imagination and developing their fine motor skills, my selection of coloring sheets is a treasure trove for any parent or early childhood educator!

Coloring is a fabulous activity for family bonding time too. Try sitting down with your kids and completing one yourself! Even better, make it a family art challenge to see who can color it more creatively!

To sprinkle extra icing on your cake, I am making sure my coloring pages don’t cost you a single dime.

Happy coloring!

Access by-invitation-only free art classes & 40% off your 1st purchase of art supplies!

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